Pouch of Salt Dried Shetland Cod, 80g

By Salt Cod

Each 80g pouch contains cuts of the finest skinned and boned cod fillet. This makes it the perfect choice for experimenting or for a small number of fishcakes. Traditional taste, modern convenience.

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These salt cod are the same bacalao that you enjoy when on holiday in Spain or Portugal. They are fantastic turned in to fritters, fishcakes or soup – there are so many recipes to try.

The freshest fish, from the cleanest sea. Caught by family-owned Shetland and Scottish fishing boats in UK waters from sustainable stocks of cod. Landed in Shetland following short trips to sea and hand filleted and lovingly salted and dried.

Cured over 2 months and able to be kept for up to 9 months in your store cupboard. Soak overnight (or as guided by recipe) before cooking, changing the water and boil for around 25 minutes. Slow food, at its very best!

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colouring pigments, Knowing what you are eating is important. We only ever use two ingredients - Cod and Salt. We only use accredited Kosher Salt, or any artificial additives or preservatives., as this contains no anti-caking agents


Salt Cod

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Our salt cod is the best Bacalao/Bacalhau you can buy. It is the fine single malt of the salt fish world. A hand crafted premium product for discerning customers. Using only cod from MSC accredited sustainable Shetland stocks, landed on Shetland by small, family owned boats. Go on, treat yourself to something special.

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