Vegan Port and Lemon Jellies

By Davenport's Chocolates

If you love the citrus tang of fruit jellies, you will enjoy the fresh zing of our lemon jellies. What you won’t have tried before is a Port version – we devised this recipe in celebration of the old fashioned Port & Lemon drink enjoyed in the early 1900s. It has a fruity, full bodied depth of flavour and is made with real Port for an authentic real flavour. Made with natural apple pectin rather than gelatin make these a Vegan treat! Sold in packs of six.

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Our production process is a labour of love. The jelly mixture bubbles away in copper pans until it’s reached the correct setting point. It is then poured into trays and left to set overnight. We then cut the jelly into squares, and toss them lightly in a dusting of sugar.

These tubes of jellies are the perfect size to fit in your handbag, the top drawer of your desk or anywhere close at hand. Ideal for stocking fillers or as a small indulgent treat! Here at Davenport’s Chocolates we love making chocolates and sweets. It is our passion. It is our life. We hope you love our fun Port & Lemon Jellies, and that they will bring a smile!

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Sugar, glucose, port (sulphites), fresh lemon zest, lemon concentrate, pectin, sodium citrate, citric acid, natural yellow colour.

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Here at Davenport’s Chocolates we love making chocolates. It is our passion. It is our life. Creating chocolates that put a smile on your face, and make an involuntary ‘Mmmmm’noise is our mission

Founder of Davenport’s Chocolate, Jane Williams (née Davenport) has worked as a professional chocolatier since September 2000. Master chocolatier Philippe Burger’s protégée, she has travelled extensively throughout Europe gleaning much from a wider European dedication to chocolate. With the help of husband Michael, they launched Davenport’s Chocolates in September 2007, refurbishing a factory unit to become a high spec chocolate studio.

Jane has since trained Jenny to become a chocolatier, and the two of them are the core chocolate makers at Davenport’s Chocolates. They love to create all Davenport’s artisanal chocolates, experimenting and developing new ideas to revive a lot of nostalgic, vintage chocolates with innovative and contemporary techniques. With their passion for chocolate as the driving force, their lovely gift boxes of handcrafted chocolates are enjoyed by many a discerning chocolate lover, up and down the UK.

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