Deluxe Ginger Jellies With Real Fruit Juice In Glass Jar

By wonkandy

Quality jellies containing 16% real fruit juice. Packed in distinctive glass jar. Ideal for gifting occasions

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Ginger flavour fruit jellies with real fruit juice. Created In Seville. Distinctive and elegant packaging. Premium gifting opportunity. Available for own label customisation on orders over 1000 units.

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Weight 0.125 kg

Sugar, glucose syrup, water, gelatin, fruit pulp 4% (apple, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, acidifier: citric acid), dextrose, acidulants (citric acid, malic acid), gelling agent (pectin), humectant (sorbitol). Flavour (watermelon). Colorants (E-100, E-133).?

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FreeFrom and Healthy options

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Wonkandy is an innovative candy brand that has focused its development and expansion towards the world of what is natural and exclusive, with an original and creative concept and design and an exceptional product, without artificial colorants or preservatives and free of trans (transgenic) fats.

Since 2010, the year it was created in, and until 2015, Wonkandy expanded through its own stores and franchises. As of 2015, its main activity shifted towards the production and supply of gourmet and gift shops.

However, the brand still has a small network of stores located mainly in airports, railway stations and at the foot of cashiers in shopping centre’s.

Finally, Wonkandy also has presence through “corners” in prestigious gourmet stores, such as Gourmet Experience in El Corte Inglés, in Hipercor stores, in Harrods stores in London, Lovit stores and Vips stores and in many gourmet stores spread throughout the country.

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