50ml selection of tonic syrups

By Jeffrey's Tonic

50ml selection of tonic syrups – superb intro to Jeffrey’s tonic and the perfect gift.

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50ml selection of tonic syrups – superb intro to Jeffrey’s tonic and the perfect gift. We make tonic as it would have been made, from an infusion of real ingredients, which is why they are coloured – we do not use extracts. Nobody else makes tonics like we do, from real cinchona bark but with our special process to make it beautifully clear and clean in flavour.

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Mike & Maureen (Mo) Robinson, started with a book for Christmas.  It described gin profiles, gin cocktail, tonics you could buy, tonic syrups you could buy and, finally, a couple of home-made tonic syrup recipes.

Mike, being Mike, immediately sourced Cinchona bark and tried them out.  Initial versions were really not great.  They were also cloudy, which is typical of a tonic made from Cinchona bark.  But eventually they established recipes that family and friends really liked.  At that stage, there was no plan at all to start a business, but the idea turned out to be just too good to pass up.

Alto sax and the garden would have to wait.

Developing Jeffrey’s recipes, and then making them properly clear, took a lot of time and effort, but the smiles on faces when they taste Jeffrey’s for the first time does make it worthwhile!

These are superb, sophisticated soft drinks and extraordinary mixers, made from natural ingredients (which is why they’re not colourless).

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