Renegade & Longton Elderflower Sparkling Wine – 750ml bottle x6 | 12% Vol

By Renegade & Longton

Marvellously British and handcrafted sparkling wine using the champagne method with wonderful elderflowers.

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Renegade & Longton’s original experiment showed that when it comes to sparkling wines, grapes aren’t always best. They have created an innovative sparkling wine in the traditional Champagne style but using fermented elderflower as opposed to grapes!

Marvellously British and meticulously hand crafted, it is a glorious celebration of the wonderful elderflower. This fine quality sparkling wine is unique and delicious, a wonderful contemporary twist on traditional sparkling wines.

Perfect for any occasion whether it be a formal drinks party or just a glass of bubbly after a hard day of work. Dry, fruity and floral, it works well on its own or paired with canapés, nibbles, fish and hard cheeses.

Ideal for elderflower connoisseurs!

750ml bottle | 12% Vol

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Over the sea on the Isle of Skye the idea for Renegade & Longton was sparked by Brendan’s eccentric younger brother. Who using a traditional recipe made a batch of elderflower sparkling wine for a friends 21st. Upon tasting Brendan wanted to try and make further batches with Ewan. Unfortunately he had no interest in pursuing it so has stayed on the island building boats.

That left Brendan to experiment on the champagne method in his living room, to perfect the original recipe and to see what else could be made without using grapes. After one to many explosions he paired up with Richard who had 30 years experience making wine and also owned a handy garden shed!

After perfecting the recipe for our first two wines with Richard, Brendan the Renegade left his safe job in the city to focus full time on the business. The full scale wine production was also then moved from Richard’s shed on Longton avenue to a commercial winery near Hastings.

Our first two wines are a sparkling elderflower and an elderflower blush (rhubarb, strawberries and blackberries added at the fermentation stage).

We are inspired by the first era that Champagne and sparkling wine was popularised, where batches were produced using ingredients that could be found in the hedgerows to compliment the grapes. We want to take this further, using very different ingredients to create other exciting and exotic flavours!

The finished wines are dry with the natural flavours of the fruit. This is because we have used the traditional champagne method of production. The fruit flavours then provide a balance to the traditional dryness of a champagne.

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