Deluxe Cocktail Party Essential Gift

By Anthony James

Exotic and exquisite bursting with natural fruit syrup elixirs, created using superior ingredients and traditional methods ensures maximum goodness is extracted.

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Exotic and exquisite bursting with natural fruit syrup elixirs, created using superior ingredients and traditional method ensures maximum goodness is extracted. Designed for the cocktail, bar and restaurant industry as well as for home use, this super concentrated and multipurpose elixir can be added to hot or cold tea, coffee, alcohol, still or sparkling water and desserts.

Contents include:

Gourmet Hibiscus & Rose Syrup Elixir 200ml
Gourmet Lime Syrup Elixir 200ml
Gourmet Mint Syrup Elixir 200ml
Gourmet Peach Syrup Elixir 200ml
Gourmet Pink Grapefruit Syrup Elixir 200ml
Gourmet Ginger Syrup Elixir 200ml
Organic Japanese Matcha & Yuzu Chocolate Covered Cashew 150g
Champagne Grand Cru Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts 150g
Black Truffle Oil Gianduja Covered Hazelnuts 150g
White Truffle Oil Gianduja Covered Hazelnuts 150g
Organic Cardamom, Saffron & Cinnamon Dark Chocolate Covered Cashew Nuts 150g
Vanilla & Milk Chocolate Covered Cashew Nut 150g

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Anthony James

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Our gourmet chocolate covered nuts, delicious caramels, decadent chocolate truffle sandwich afternoon tea biscuits and beautifully handcrafted artisanal luxury praline bars and nut clusters started off as a family affair. We all love chocolates, biscuits and pastries in all forms in my family, especially my late husband “Anthony” who always enjoyed my handmade creation and had always wanted me to turn my hobby into a business. My reply to him was always “we won’t make any money as you will polish off our profits” and so setting up Anthony James Chocolates in his memory has been a truly bittersweet project.

We use simple, yet elegant packaging and our aim has always been to produce unique, decadent chocolate truffles, luxury tea time biscuits and our sublime and exquisite chocolate spreads that can help you turn simple desserts into masterpieces or simply enjoyed them at breakfast time, all created using the very best sustainable and premium ingredients.

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