Black Garlic Paste

By kimchiwitheverything

Fermented Black Garlic paste for cooking use, incredibly healthy and joyfully tasty.

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Fermented Black Garlic paste for use in cooking, incredibly healthy and joyfully tasty. Completely unpasteurised and manufactured in the UK, containing all the probiotic bacterias that are beneficial for a healthy gut.

Black garlic is fermented or aged fresh garlic. With its unique sweet flavor and jelly-like consistency, it is widely known in Asia for its antioxidant properties.

Our Black garlic (Allium sativum L.) is a unique product made by fermentation of fresh garlic for  4-7 days at temperatures of (40-60°C) and high humidity.

Under these conditions, the garlic undergoes a Maillard reaction, which causes different compounds to form during the reaction. This reaction also darkens the sugars in the white garlic into a black color.

Black garlic offers a wild range of scientifically proven health benefits that range from it’s strong antioxidant nature to its potential role in cancer treatment.

Other health benefits includes:

– Reduce Cholesterol Levels

– Boost Immune System

– Heal Liver from Alcohol Damage!

– Lower Inflammation

– Fights Bacteria Infections and Allergies

– Provide Antioxidant Protection

– Supports Healthy Heart

There are many dishes you can incorporate black garlic into, just think of it as normal garlic:

– Burgers

– Pasta and pasta sauces

– Stir frys

– Roast Chicken/Lamb

– Steaks

– Pizza topping

– Ketchup/Mayo/Salad dressings

– With Cheese

– Pates

The list just goes on…

Taste profile descriptions include  dark caramel, chocolate, hints of balsamic vinegar, molasses, fruity aroma, and hints of vanilla.

No surprise black garlic is the new wonder ingredient for high-end chefs and health store retailers.

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garlic, water

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We spend 4 months fermenting our kimchi right here in the UK. this mean our kimchi is unpasteurized and full of probiotic goodness.

We make three types of kimchi – Baek kimchi which is a traditional no spice kimchi, vegan friendly mellow kimchi and finally our best selling intense kimchi, authentic kimchi at it’s best.

We also make black garlic, slowly cooked at low temperature over 7 days. Juicy and moist cloves, black garlic paste convenient for cooking and finally black garlic salt.

Salt made healthier – its true!

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