Vegan Mushroom risotto 700g

By byRuby

Handmade meal, Oven or microwaved from frozen 700g meal for 2

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We make this risotto by slowly stirring luscious Carnaroli rice with Ruby’s rich, flavourful mushroom and vegetable stock. It is finished with toasted pine nuts and a generous drizzle of creamy avocado oil. Delicious!

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Mushrooms (25.8%) Risotto Rice (19.35%) Peas, (10.32%) Onion, Wine, white sulphates, Celery, Pine Nuts, Seaweed, kombu, dried, Basil, fresh, garlic, Stock vegetable water, celery, onion, carrot juice, tomato, herbs, yeast extract, salt,, chicory extract, sugar, rapeseed oil, natural flavouring, Lemon juice, fresh, Oil, coconut, Avocado oil, Mushroom, dried, Oil, olive, Thyme, fresh, Bay leaf, Salt

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byRuby is a premium frozen pre-prepared meal company. We use only the best ingredients which are cooked on the day they arrive and are flash frozen to retain all nutritional value and vitamins. We use only British free range and grass fed poultry and meat and our fish is British, RSPCA certified and sutainably sourced. We also use 100% recyclable packaging and the only plastic we use is on the seal. Designed to be cooked from frozen our meals are hand made by Ruby (our Leiths trained Chef) and her team.

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