Nudo Olive Oil with Sicilian Chillies 250ml x 6

By Nudo

We use Sicilian chillies to bring some southern hot – headedness to our olive oil. The chillies are sun-dried so no desiccators, just 100% environmentally friendly sunshine.

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Our Nudo Peperoncino oil is made by infusing Sicilian chillies for three weeks with extra virgin olive oil from small groves in Le Marche. Just long enough for the chilli flavour to assert itself, but not so long that it takes over. The end result is like a Sicilian donkey: a soft nose at the front and a cheeky kick at the back.

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Chillies, Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Nudo’s range of authentic extra virgin olive oils and award winning flavoured oils are renowned for their premium artisanal quality, pure fresh flavour, and ethical production.
All our oils are produced by small-scale olive groves in Italy by farmers who use sustainable, low impact practices which protect the land from intensive farming methods. They are all made proudly from 100% Italian olives of the highest quality, brought straight from the groves to mill where it is pressed using authentic methods to produce premium quality.

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