Saffron 0.5g

By Cheshire Saffron

Net weight: 0.5g Derived from 100 lovingly hand-picked flowers.

Our product is of optimal quality and has the highest ISO grading possible. Only vivid red strands make it into our product. No yellow strands (no flavouring or aroma benefit), no flower debris and DEFINITELY no flavourings or preservatives. This product will not only add a vivid hue of golden yellow to your food but will also add a sweet honey floral aroma as well as a taste which is unlike any other spice or herb that is used in cooking.

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We are The Cheshire Saffron Company producing British grown multi-award winning British grown saffron in the heart of Cheshire. A 2 star Great Taste Award winner as well as Cheshire Life producer of the year 2019. Used by chefs from AA to Michelin Star level and featured on Countryfile, The Great British Menu and Roux Scholarship. Our product contains pure saffron and no added extras.

Unlike many imports, our saffron is pure high quality saffron containing only the red saffron strands with vivid red hue and an amazing honey floral aroma. Grown by brothers Pete and Doug in the heart of Cheshire since 2015. We sell in sizes of 0.2g, 0.5g and 1g tins.


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Cheshire Saffron

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Our award winning British grown Cheshire saffron contains only the vivid red stigmas (no yellow styles). We painstakingly harvest and process the saffron by hand, delicately extracting 3 saffron strands per flower, before individually removing the yellow styles. We only sell from the current harvest. Our Saffron contains very high levels of the Saffron active chemicals Saffranal (aroma), Crocin (colour) and Picocrocin (flavour). It is ISO:3632 grade 1 (the highest quality Saffron).

Run by brothers Dr Peter Gould (an active researcher in Plant Molecular Biology) and Douglas Gould (business sales and marketing). Our production of British saffron started many years ago out of curiosity and interest, first growing English saffron in a basic hydroponics setup in my fathers shed before moving to a full hydroponics hothouse. During these years Peter experimented with many variables in growing British saffron, altering nutrients, lighting and temperature amongst many other things to fully understand the optimal growing conditions for saffron production. Since 2015 we have been growing our English saffron in a field chosen for the best position for growing this amazing crop.

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