Fula Flavour Fiery Tomato Sauce – 150ml x 6

By Fula Flavour

Great as a Pizza base sauce, nachos, soups, casseroles and stews. Use as a marinade on chicken wings, Prawns or simply as a sauce on Tofu.

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If you fancy a change from the usual tomato sauce, then you need to grab this bottle. It has all the goodness of the fresh ingredients used to make a tomato sauce with a slow burning heat which will make your taste buds dance to that African Beat!

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Heat level: 3 drum or Fiery

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Weight 3.3 kg

Ingredients: Tomato Puree, Onions, Garlic, Sugar, Ginger, Peppers, Rapeseed Oil, Lemon Juice, Salt, Spices, Scotch Bonnet Chillies (60%), Xhanthan Gum

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Fula Flavour

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Fula Flavour is an award wining West African hot chilli sauce  producer based in South Yorkshire. Our aim is to offer a range of hot chilli sauces that have a lot of flavour combined with different levels of heat. Our sauces contain no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. They are all handmade using carefully selected fresh ingredients to give you the best results.

We have a range of 3 products:

Spicy Lemon & Herb: Slightly warmer than your traditional Lemon and Herb. Great as a salad dressing or a marinade on your fish or veggies

Fula Flavour Hot: Great Taste 2Star award winner: perfect for your bbqs, Spag Bol or your baked beans.

Fiery Tomato Sauce: slow burner to start with then gradually gets intense with heat and packed with wonderful flavours.

Vegan and vegetarian friendly, dairy and nut free. Ready to serve straight from the bottle. Versatile, can be used as a dip, a marinade or simply to have some Heat with an African Beat!

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