Handcrafted Applewood smoked Mulato and Guajillo Gourmet chilli paste

By zepice.com

A Smokey & Mellow gourmet chilli paste with subtle hints of berry, raisin and bitter chocolate.

100% Natural, Gluten free, Vegan, Dairy Free.

Uses: Condiment, Cooking paste, BBQ Marinade

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A Mazavaroo is a personal combination of flavours, dominated by chilli which at the same time is specific to each of our family’s historic traditions and flavour choices. Though dominated by chilli, flavour is of utmost importance.

  • Add it to warm crusty bread, spice up your mayonnaise, add to any sauce and stew, perfect for pasta, stir fry and BBQ/Marinades.
  • Spice up your condiments, add to stews and soups, use as chilli con carne seasoning, stir fry, pizza, panini
  • A spicy garnish, cheese and cracker chutney, marinade, glaze, stew, tagine, and stir fry.

Additional information

Weight 190 kg

Oil (Rapeseed & Olive oil), Smoked Mulato (19%), Smoked Garlic, Preserved Lemon, Smoked Guajillo (7%), Fresh Lemon Juice, Smoked Red Chilli, Preserved Citron, Agave, Smoked Sugar, Salt, Citron Juice


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